Basics of Virtual Residency Interview - How to Shine on Zoom

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Basics of Virtual Residency Interview

How to Shine on Zoom!


  • No traveling
  • Favors Introverts
  • More interviews!


  • Less engagement
  • Favors extroverts
  • Shorter

Learn Zoom basics

Switch to one-on-one view - Rather than Side-by-Side
  • Practice with friends
    • Especially breakout rooms again practice
  • Internet connection
  • Have a backup device ready
  • Have a backup internet connection
    • In some countries cellular has better reliability
    • Most cellular connection are good enough
    • Β 

Basics of Online Video - "ALF-E"

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A- Audio



EYE Contact!

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  • Audio is more important that Video
  • People will forgive bad video - But audio will ruin your interview
  • Make sure there is no background hissing noise
  • Use wired "earbuds" if possible decrease echo
  • Bluetooth add latency
Check your "Microphone" if not clear get one!
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Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone: Precise Supercardioid Pickup Pattern - Professional Recording Quality - Ultra-Compact Build - Heavy-Duty Tilting Stand - Shock Resistant - Classic Black

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  • It is not about the camera; it is about lighting
  • A light is more important than a professional camera
  • Get a Simple light that directly shines on to your face
  • Find a brightly lit room
Background should be boring! [You need to be the center of attention]


  • Framing is the key to communicate body language
  • 1.5 - 2 inch above the head as dead space
  • Make sure you elbows show
  • Upto Navel
❌ Incorrect
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βœ… Correct
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Eye contact

  • No Special Camera needed
  • It is hard on the Zoom
  • Adjust the Zoom window to One Fourth of the Size and place it under the Camera
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
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Do this!

Stick Note next to Camera "Look Here!"



  • I prefer to keep a notepad and pen in my hand
    • Write keyword of the question down
    • Prepares you mentally to answer question precisely


  • Pause before you answer
    • To confirm the question is completely asked
    • To formulate an answer
  • Apologize for the interruption (it happens!)
Responsible = Response + Able

Smile πŸ˜„
A = Audio; L= Lighting, F= Framing
Eye contact!
Backup device/internet connection

A Living Pocketbook of Neurology
A Living Pocketbook of Neurology
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