Convergence of Virtual Care & Artificial Intelligence

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Held Virtually on 21 & 22 October 2021
This talk will be published in an upcoming book
"Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Medicine (AIICM)"


  • Identify the Problem
  • Digital Transformation
  • Understanding VCaaS Model
  • Understanding AIaaS Model
  • Convergence & Synergy between VCaaS & AIaaS
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • FDA’s role
  • Reimbursement
  • VCaaS and AIaaS in practice (e.g. Stroke)

Identify the Problem

  • Production Gap
    • Proof-of-Concent
  • Data, Data & Data
  • Scaling
  • Trust
    • Precision of Evidence
  • Who will pay for it?

Digital Transformation

Digitization β†’ Digitalization β†’ Digital Transformation
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Understanding VCaaS Model

Virtual Care Continuum

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Data Pipeline

VCaaS is the data-pipeline for AI in Healthcare
Apple Plans Blood-Pressure Measure, Wrist Thermometer in Apple Watch

Virtual Hospital @ Home

Ultimate expression of Virtual Care as a Service:
  • Labs-on-wheel
  • Mobile radiology
  • Telerehab
  • Continuous & remote monitoring

Understanding AIaaS Model

Narrow, problem-specific, Goal Oriented.
  • Moduler
  • Plug & Play
  • Interoperable
  • Integrated with VCaaS
  • Risk
  • Trust
  • Integration
  • Value of Evidence
  • Evidence of Value
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Convergence & Synergy between VCaaS & AIaaS

  • Concentrate on Value exchange
    • Patient centric
    • Provider centric
  • Problem to Solution
    • Avoid Type 3 Error
  • VCaaS with HealthIoT - Data pipeline
  • AIaaS Data Insight to prediction
  • A vicious circle of continuous improvement and new services

Legal and Regulatory

  • Approval
    • FDA's software as a medical device (SaMD)
    • Modular Approval (not platforms)
  • Interoperability
    • Curse Act
    • Information Blocking
  • FDA’s role
    • FDA has grown to encourage the use of virtual care to improve data quality, volume, variety & velocity
    • 343 Entries in the database with none showing continous improvement! Why?
      • Risk
      • Data Shift
      • notion image


Who will pay for AI in Healthcare?
  • Compensation for AI services in its early stages
  • New Technology Add-On Payment (NTAP) - CMS
  • Burden
    • Of Proof (It works!)
    • Also of Value (It Saves!)

VCaaS and AIaaS in practice (e.g. Stroke)

Role of Artificial Intelligence in TeleStroke: An Overview

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VCaaS and AIaaS in practice (e.g. Stroke)

  • Why Pay for Virtual Care?
    • Pre-Pandemic
      • Lack of Physicians (e.g. Stroke, Psychiatry) > Proven Value
    • Pandemic
      • Contactless Care
    • Post-Pandemic
      • Convenience & Value
      • Genie is out of the bottle
  • AI in Healthcare
    • NTAP for Stroke
    • Why?
    • Creates Value

Stroke Care in Evolution

  • Cost of Stroke (2016 US-dollar values)
    • 103.5 billion
      • Direct Cost - $38 billion
      • Indirect Cost - $38.1 billion
      • Premature mortality - $30.4 billion
  • VCaaS
    • Acute Care
    • At home Care
    • Chronic Care
  • AIaaS
    • Acute imaging
    • Patient monitoring
    • Rehab monitoring

Colossal Opportunity

  • 1 Trillion a Year
  • If 10% that is 10 billion a year


A Living Pocketbook of Neurology
A Living Pocketbook of Neurology
Applied, Concise, Practical, Up-to-date, Mobile-friendly, peer-reviewed & Open-Access Pocketbook of Neurology and related clinical specialties
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"If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind"
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